26 reasons to move and exercise regularly

Movement is a natural part of healthy life. There are different types of exercises and many workout routines to be found all over the place – from your local gym, to local park, to big fitness events in the cities and finally internet – all trying to convince you that there is no better healer than movement. But sometimes, overwhelmed with the amount of information, we forget that movement can mean a short walk, or nice swim in the sea, or even relaxing stretch in yoga class. Not every exercise is for everyone.

Below are few good reasons why regular exercise adds to your health and happiness:

  1. Your body is designed to move. Without movement it loses its primal purpose. Moving your body literally heals the cells of your body if done correctly.
  2. Balances your hormones – which are critical for the function of your mind and body.
  3. Releases endorphins giving you immediate joy.
  4. It is the world’s most effective antidepressant.
  5. It doesn’t just help release depression; it helps to prevent it.
  6. Strong muscles balance your skeleton alignment bringing your body back to correct and natural posture.
  7. Acts as a confidence booster.
  8. Adds to your list of life’s achievements.
  9. You show how much you care about yourself and your own health, making you feel better.
  10. Makes you look good naked.
  11. Makes you strong physically and mentally.
  12. Helps you deal with problems and challenges in more effective way.
  13. Acts as stress relief after a long day.
  14. Helps prevent diseases if combined with right nutrition.
  15. Adds years to your precious life.
  16. Getting older will be much more pleasant and you will be more attractive for much longer.
  17. You will be able to spend more quality time with your children and grandchildren while being on this Earth’s journey.
  18. Correct exercise and workout routines will fill you with energy.
  19. Your body is your temple and by treating it with respect you will respect yourself more.
  20. Improves your sleep greatly.
  21. Helps you wake up refreshed.
  22. Exercises are like meditation, they help you “stay in the now” and be focused on the present moment.
  23. Movement makes you feel good as you set up and achieve your goals.
  24. Gives you control.
  25. You finally have time for yourself.
  26. Good physical health is a major predictor of one’s happiness.

In order to change your life, you have to apply certain lifestyle changes which may be completely different to what you do now. As you can see, they are worth the effort!

M. 😘

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