3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism

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While working out on its own hardly ever results in extensive weight reduction, there are several exercises which can speed up your metabolism and your weight reduction. By including one of these metabolism-boosting workouts into your routine, you may burn extra energy throughout the day, long after the workout so that you can shed pounds faster.

3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism, pink dumbbell, workout bottle, monikaannafit.com

Here are 3 types of workouts to speed up metabolism

Interval Training

Interval workouts allow you to burn extra calories in less time. These types of workouts involve pushing yourself as tough as you can in quick bursts of time, then slowing down for an active break, however no longer pushing yourself. For example these include HiiT workouts, or Tabata or 10-20 seconds sprints, 30 seconds run, and back to the sprint. Interval training can also improve your health and aerobic capacity (1).

Strength Training

Any form of high energy exercises will assist to enhance your metabolism. This is due to the fact that muscles burn extra energy even when you’re no longer exercising. Strength training can help you build muscles and help you use more energy during the day. Even 20-30 minutes of weight lifting a few times a week can improve your ability to burn fat while at rest. You don’t need a gym for it either, you can just get some dumbbells or kettlebells and build strength at home, giving you the ability to workout anytime.


Burpee exercises combine cardio and weight lifting (body weight) and each requires different energy systems to perform it. It is a really good exercise to increase heart rate and boost metabolism. It involves all of the major muscle groups.
As a beginner, start by lifting your hands up, then bending down to the floor, getting into a plank position and back to standing up. Raise your hands and start again. For a more advanced version, jump up, squat down, put your hands on the floor, jump pack, do a push up, jump your feet back to the front, and jump up with your hands up.

Remember to eat clean in addition to regular workouts to speed up your metabolism and weight loss.

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