Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating

Clean eating starts with choosing what you want to eat, then creating a plan and shopping list. This prep work is essential if you want to stick with eating healthy and clean, since you’re far more likely to continue on this journey if everything is available. Think: ready breakfasts, lunch, dinners and convenience of havingContinue reading “Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating”

A quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet

Most people love sugar and surgery foods, but, as great as sugar might taste, it’s not so great for your health. Majority of people consume above the recommended dose of sugar daily. Here is a quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet. If extra weight around the hips isn’t enough to get you offContinue reading “A quick guide for reducing sugar in your diet”

3 workout related questions answered 

3 workout related questions answered  1. Is working out in the morning better for you? You should workout when you have the time, when it doesn’t stress you and when it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.  2. Should I plan my workouts before the session? Yes, Yes, Yes! Never go to gym without a plan.Continue reading “3 workout related questions answered “

Top 3 Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with losing weight or gaining weight after a diet, below top 3 strategies for healthy weight loss should help. 1. Choose Healthy Foods: Eat more fiber. Foods rich in dietary fiber make you feel full for longer, so you will be satisfied while eating less. Smart choices include vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Fiber also helps to stabilizeContinue reading “Top 3 Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss”

Lose weight in a healthy way with these 10 awesome diet tips

Do you find it hard to stick to your diet? You’re not alone. Dieting can be challenging. We all know how hard it can be to stay consistent with eating healthy. Follow these 10 tips so you’ll continue your diet and lose weight in a healthy way: Don’t try to be perfect. Everyone falls fromContinue reading “Lose weight in a healthy way with these 10 awesome diet tips”

6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit

Before building new healthy habit answer these questions:  Why are you trying to change something? Make it a big why Is the reason big enough to keep you going? What needs to change around you to support your goal? What is standing in the way? What are the small steps that will add up toContinue reading “6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit”

50 healthy lifestyle tips for introverts

Below you will find 50 tips and recommendations for introverts to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fitness  Plan your workout ahead of time, especially if it involves other people, so you can prepare mentally.  To get fit, go to a yoga class first, as they are normally quiet and you don’t have to talk to anyone,Continue reading “50 healthy lifestyle tips for introverts”