3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism

While working out on its own hardly ever results in extensive weight reduction, there are several exercises which can speed up your metabolism and your weight reduction. By including one of these metabolism-boosting workouts into your routine, you may burn extra energy throughout the day, long after the workout so that you can shed poundsContinue reading “3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism”

Resistance band workout for glutes and legs (at home)

Simple leg and booty workout with resistance bands you can do outdoors or at home. Keep the band as tensed as possible throughout each exercise. Bands have different level of strength, so if you feel the exercise is light, pick the stronger (harder to stretch) band to help you get challenged. And her is theContinue reading “Resistance band workout for glutes and legs (at home)”

Abs circuit workout at home

Here is the abs strengthening circuit workout at home. Make this workout more advanced by removing the 10 seconds rest between each exercise. Download free guide: Get rid of cellulite Before you begin, make sure to complete a warm up: complete 1-2 rounds of one of the following workouts at home: Take 1-2 minutes restContinue reading “Abs circuit workout at home”