6 tips to help you fall in love with exercise

Woman exercising on the stairs, 6 tips to help you fall in love with exercise monikaannafit.com

Some love exercise and some hate it. In the past, exercise was a pain for me too, and it definitely wasn’t my daily routine! Now I love exercising and I can easily go to the gym no matter how busy I am. Here are some ways to help you fall in love with exercise:

1. Workout smart

Smart workout makes you feel better than before you started, not worse! If you are a beginner try 10 to 15 minutes of exercise every few days, as opposed to doing 1-1.5 hours of cardio on the first day, and feeling exhausted for days. Excessive exercise can have a negative impact on getting the results you want and lead to storing fat. Plus, it may put you off exercising in the future. I know something about it because I used to do it. Start slowly.

2. Don’t pay attention to the weight.

Chances are that when you start weight training your weight will increase, but you will start to burn fat. Don’t pay attention to how much you weigh. Focus on how you feel and your clothes fit better. Use better health and fitness as motivation. You will also start noticing the differences in how you look.

3. Take it step by step.

If you are not exercising at all, or returning to exercise after a long break, don’t do everything at once. Start with small steps such as training once or twice a week and eating a little healthier. If you start changing everything all at once, you may feel overwhelmed. Start with something small, easy to achieve until you feel comfortable. 

Woman exercising on the stairs, 6 tips to help you fall in love with exercise monikaannafit.com

4. Change up exercises to love them more.

For some, doing the same exercises day in and day out can be boring. Change your exercises every few weeks before you want to quit completely. Sometimes it is enough to go for a jog out in fresh air instead of in the gym, and sometimes you may need a bigger shift, like group activities for example. Make sure you find new and exciting exercises that suit your lifestyle.

5. Find a workout partner.

Exercising with a friend can be very enjoyable. A friend will also help with motivation and (hopefully) make sure you always show up on time and choose not to sit on the sofa and eat cookies! Find someone with goals similar to you. Plan together and stick with it. Make sure your workouts don’t change into chat sessions without actually sweating. 

6. Reward yourself.

Rewards are a great way to self-motivate. For example, plan that after four weeks of regular exercise 3-4 times a week, you will allow yourself a manicure or a new hairstyle or dress that you wouldn’t otherwise buy. Don’t reward yourself with food or breaks from exercise, i.e. don’t think of eating “junk” as a reward for being active. Instead, go for a massage, go dancing with your friends or just plan a hot, relaxing bath or an evening with a book or your favourite movie just. Do something for yourself from time to time, after all, you deserve it!

Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult and you can fall in love with exercise too. Find something that gives you pleasure and has a positive effect on your well-being and you will see that you will not be able to live without exercise.

Try these 4 weeks resistance band workouts to get you started!

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