3 workout related questions answered 

3 workout related questions answered  1. Is working out in the morning better for you? You should workout when you have the time, when it doesn’t stress you and when it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.  2. Should I plan my workouts before the session? Yes, Yes, Yes! Never go to gym without a plan.Continue reading “3 workout related questions answered “

50 healthy lifestyle tips for introverts

Below you will find 50 tips and recommendations for introverts to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fitness  Plan your workout ahead of time, especially if it involves other people, so you can prepare mentally.  To get fit, go to a yoga class first, as they are normally quiet and you don’t have to talk to anyone,Continue reading “50 healthy lifestyle tips for introverts”

3 fitness myths you need to be aware of

From short tips series, today are 3 fitness myths you need to be aware of Read below or watch this short video: >> Find another one of the posts from short series here: How gut bacteria affects your weight Exercise is the best way to lose weight Truth: If you want to lose weight, youContinue reading “3 fitness myths you need to be aware of”

6 tips to help you fall in love with exercise

Some love exercise and some hate it. In the past, exercise was a pain for me too, and it definitely wasn’t my daily routine! Now I love exercising and I can easily go to the gym no matter how busy I am. Here are some ways to help you fall in love with exercise: 1.Continue reading “6 tips to help you fall in love with exercise”

How to take progress photos and track progress

When you start exercising, your muscles will start to grow, and muscles weigh more than fat cells. You may see your weight increase on the scales, but may also notice that you are actually looking better. The best way to notice that you are doing well, is to see how you fit into your favouriteContinue reading “How to take progress photos and track progress”

How to create your own workout plan

The most important part in getting fitter is MOVEMENT! It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do it often, that you are consistent and that you enjoy it! I strongly believe that weight training makes a female body really good looking in the shortest amount of time BUT… If you don’tContinue reading “How to create your own workout plan”