How to create your own workout plan

Workout gear

The most important part in getting fitter is MOVEMENT! It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do it often, that you are consistent and that you enjoy it! I strongly believe that weight training makes a female body really good looking in the shortest amount of time BUT… If you don’t enjoy it, just do something else! 

Here is an example: you can do yoga (do it at least twice a week), dancing classes, running, bodyweight home workout. You can do all of these at home, or you can head over to the gym. You can find coaches online for every type of exercise that makes you feel happy and gives you something to look forward to! 

If you decide to go with weight lifting workouts, here is what you should consider when create your own workout plan:

  • start with a warm up 5-10 minutes, include stretching, 
  • decide and write down which body part you are going to train on which day of the week,
  • list exercises for each body part you are going to train,
  • pick 4-6 exercises,
  • decide on how many repetitions you are going to perform and write that down (those will depend on your fitness goals),
  • make sure to include a cool down in your session,
  • add some stretching for the body part you are training.

Remember, you don’t need a gym (at least not to start with) and you can even make home weights out of bottles and use your body weight.

Download this workout calendar today and start scheduling your workouts:


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