Back workout at the gym for women

Workout for women at the gym for lean and sexy back at the gym. Find many more home and the gym workouts: for slim abs, thighs, glutes, beautiful legs, well-shaped arms and for fat loss. Lose fat with me, workout anywhere, anytime and at the best time for you,

6 mistakes to avoid when you are trying to get in shape

Here are 6 mistakes to avoid when you are trying to get in shape (I like to get straight to the point so here they are!): Focusing on what you can’t eat. Just don’t do it. There are soooo many healthy options out there, so many great alternatives to your favourite foods, which taste similarContinue reading “6 mistakes to avoid when you are trying to get in shape”

How do you plan meals for a week?

If you’re not sure how to plan meals for a week, you can make it easy by taking stock of what is in your kitchen. Take note of everything in your pantry and refrigerator, write it down, and see what meals you can make from those ingredients. Just try to make them healthy and tryContinue reading “How do you plan meals for a week?”

How to create your own workout plan

The most important part in getting fitter is MOVEMENT! It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do it often, that you are consistent and that you enjoy it! I strongly believe that weight training makes a female body really good looking in the shortest amount of time BUT… If you don’tContinue reading “How to create your own workout plan”