How do you plan meals for a week?

Three healthy meals monikaannafit

If you’re not sure how to plan meals for a week, you can make it easy by taking stock of what is in your kitchen. Take note of everything in your pantry and refrigerator, write it down, and see what meals you can make from those ingredients. Just try to make them healthy and try to clear out as much junk as possible. 

This should be a good start, and then all you might need are some filler ingredients.

Once you know everything you already have, start considering what different, healthy meals you may enjoy. Keep in mind how each of those meals will be prepared. If you know you will be pressed for time, try to think of meals you can make ahead of time or that can be made in the slow cooker all day while you’re working.

Here are the steps to healthy meal planning: 

  • Decide what you will eat.
  • Pick some simple, healthy recipes you already enjoy.
  • Don’t overcomplicate stuff: you know those cute and pretty blue smoothie bowls with lots, and lots of toppings, served in coconut bowl, covered with flowers and dragon fruit stars, with pink swirls on top? That’s what I mean with don’t overcomplicate stuff! Pick something easy, quick and super simple to make, get your favourite spice mix on top and be done with it so that you can focus on living your life!
  • Then make a shopping list from the recipes ingredients. 
  • Organize shopping list into easily manageable sections and categories.
  • Go shopping! 

You can then prepare your meals in advance or simply make them as you need them.

Here is my meal prep Pinterest board if you need some meal prep inspirations (don’t forget to follow me on there as it may inspire you to some healthy ideas! I love pinning haha!).

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