4 gentle ways to detox the body naturally

Gentle ways to detox the body - monikaannafit.com

Here are gentler and safer ways to detox your body naturally that you can try out or incorporate as part of your routine.
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1. Change in diet.

Switching to healthier options instead of packaged and fast foods that are high in fats and sugar should become part of your daily lifestyle in maintaining good health.

2. Sauna.

The sauna is widely used by many cultures as a regular part of detox. It is a great method of removing chemicals build-ups in fat cells.

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3. Skin brushing.

Skin brushing is also a gentle way of detoxing. It removes old skin cells, stimulates the lymph system and draws out toxins through the skin.

4. Yoga.

Breathing exercises and certain yoga poses help detoxify the bloodstream, increasing energy

What is your favourite way to detoxify the body?

Thanks for watching 🙂

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