How to easily cut down on sugar

Forget low-fat foods. Many low fat foods contain more sugar than their full-fat counterparts. Check the sugar in your sources. One single tablespoon of ketchup can contain around 5 grams of sugar.  Try replacing sugary snacks with fresh fruit.  Be careful with “healthy” snacks. There are plenty of “natural” and healthy granola and protein barsContinue reading “How to easily cut down on sugar”

Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating

Clean eating starts with choosing what you want to eat, then creating a plan and shopping list. This prep work is essential if you want to stick with eating healthy and clean, since you’re far more likely to continue on this journey if everything is available. Think: ready breakfasts, lunch, dinners and convenience of havingContinue reading “Meal prep and shopping tips for clean eating”

6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit

Before building new healthy habit answer these questions:  Why are you trying to change something? Make it a big why Is the reason big enough to keep you going? What needs to change around you to support your goal? What is standing in the way? What are the small steps that will add up toContinue reading “6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit”

Best times to eat for healthy weight loss

Best times to eat and few tips to remember for meal times. Of course everyone is different, and these are just suggestions but this schedule definitely works for improving health and fitness, which are the things I’m all about here.

Personal log – grateful to be back into training

I’ve been ill for the two weeks in December and I’m finally back in my workout gear and ready to workout. I’m so grateful to be back, to be able to walk again and workout to regain my strength. It will take some time, but it doesn’t matter. Life has its seasons and this pastContinue reading “Personal log – grateful to be back into training”

4 gentle ways to detox the body naturally

Here are gentler and safer ways to detox your body naturally that you can try out or incorporate as part of your routine. No time to read? Skip to the bottom to watch a short video. 1. Change in diet. Switching to healthier options instead of packaged and fast foods that are high in fatsContinue reading “4 gentle ways to detox the body naturally”