24 health benefits of walking (list) – how daily walks will improve your life

Woman walking outdoors during sunrise 24 health benefits of walking MONIKAANNAFIT.COM

Walking is one of the easiest types of exercise. You don’t need equipment, sports clothing or a gym membership, just a comfy pair of shoes. It’s easy on joints and heart and great for your mind too.

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed…

…energised and happy to be alive. That’s what establishing a morning walking habit can help you achieve. Instead of waking up with an alarm clock, rushing around to get ready for work and stressing about, you’re calm, relaxed and free. Even though you will come home after the walk and will still need to do your daily tasks, your mind and body will be in a completely new place, because you allowed it time to wake up gently. You deserve to feel good every morning, not just on your days off. The habit of daily walks can help you with that… Let’s see how!

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Woman walking outdoors during sunrise  24 health benefits of walking MONIKAANNAFIT.COM

24 benefits of walking

Going out on regular walks can help your mind and body relax. Just getting out of the house helps improve your feelings of well-being and reduce anxious thoughts. After all, you finally have time to get your thoughts together without anyone disturbing you (except maybe your kids if you took them with you 😉). Plus, it is a great opportunity to take a deep breath and forget about your problems for a minute.

After you complete few of your daily walks, you establish new habit and get a sense of accomplishment. You have time to plan out the rest of the day. It helps your brain soak up fresh air and allows you to feel good for the rest of the day, especially if you are walking amongst nature.

Still not convinced? Here are some of many health benefits of walking:

  1. Relaxes your body and mind
  2. Improves overall well-being
  3. Gives a sense of accomplishing something daily
  4. Helps you lose weight
  5. Improves your fitness levels if you don’t exercise
  6. Helps your body soak up fresh air
  7. Helps your body soak up vitamin D
  8. Improves focus
  9. Helps reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  10. Reduces anxiety
  11. Gives you a chance to do some grounding
  12. Good for your heart health
  13. Improves mood
  14. Regulates blood pressure
  15. Improves circulation
  16. Makes bones and posture stronger
  17. Improves digestion
  18. Prevents many diseases
  19. Improves lungs capacity and blood flow
  20. Improves memory
  21. Is the cheapest anti-ageing
  22. Helps improve sleep
  23. Improves eye site
  24. Increases productivity and creativity.

I hope the above is convincing enough! Seriously, walking is the cheapest and the most relaxing form of physical activity. So put your comfy shoes on and go exploring!

Monika 😘

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