How to relax your mind from stress | 5 tips

I used to feel down a lot and I worry all the time and now I’m a completely different person. Here I share with you my passion for living healthier and happier. In this post you will find my five tips on how to relax your mind from stress in an easy way.

Tip 1: learn to breathe.

The three breaths in and out are extremely helpful in a panic situation, in a stressful situation, when you are worrying too much, when you feel anxious. It is a tool that you need and the tool that you probably need to establish when you feel good. In those days, when you feel okay and you feel less stressed, that is when you want to learn how to breathe. It is only three breaths, breathe in and breathe, do that three times.

You want to be focused on that breath. It simply stops the very stressful thoughts that you may be producing in your mind that which may be circling around, and making them worse into even worse scenarios, and it’ll help to stop them. It will help you get back to reality and focus on what might be really important, which is probably finding solutions to the problem. It’s a skill. And just like any other skill, it takes time to establish it and do it when you feel good. Because when you don’t feel good, that’s when you want to utilize the skill of breathing.

Tip 2: think of your happy place.

Think of the perfect place. There is nothing wrong in that place. It’s exactly how you like it. It can be a mountain. It can be a holiday destination. It can be a place that you imagined in your mind. It can be your home. It can be a room in your house that you really love, or a room that you would like to have. Simply imagine yourself sitting there and doing the things that you love.

Imagine everything, the colours, the smell, what you will see, who’s there with you, what you’re eating, what you’re doing. Try to imagine as many details as you can. It is your happy place. It’s the place where you will be happy! There’s no way you can be stressed out in that place. And again, it will take time to get it right. But it will eventually help you in very stressful situations.

Tip 3: do a light workout.

You can do yoga, weightlifting session, a run, or just going to a group class or seeing a friend for a walk. Anything could work. A dance class can be a great idea to make you feel better (do one at home if you can’t go out). Any type of workout that you enjoy. For me, that’s weightlifting, because it allows me to get rid of the energy and put that energy into good use. But whatever it is for you, just do it. And sometimes when I’m stressed, I don’t really want to work out. But when I do, I feel 100 percent better afterwards. It should help you too!

Tip 4: write your thoughts and feelings down.

Write down what you feel and why you feel it. If you can, what is the solution to your current situation? What is the solution to the situation that’s putting stress on you? If you can’t control it, if you can’t change it, then write that down too. Just let it all out. Write it down in your journal or you can write it down on any piece of paper and then throw it away. Burn it. Do whatever you want with it so that nobody sees it. It’s just about putting those feelings on a piece of paper and seeing them in front of you. Describing them. Maybe it won’t solve the situation, but you will feel better!

Tip 5: try aromatherapy.

You can get a diffuser or an oil burner. You can just spray the oils in the air (mixed with water). You can create a little massage oil, mix the essential oils with a carrier, oil like sweet almond oil. The best essential oils for de-stressing are probably a mix of chamomile and lavender and those two smell beautifully together. If you’re diffusing them around the house, the house will smell lovely, and if you are using them on your skin, your skin will smell nice and you will feel more relaxed.

I hope you found those tips helpful. These certainly help live much calmer and happier life.

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