Get rid of cellulite – 4 steps to reduce cellulite

These steps to reduce cellulite will require you to put a little more effort in. Good things take time, and getting rid of cellulite isn’t going to happen in a day. If you put in the work however, you will see the difference in your body shape, and that includes reduction of cellulite. You should also start feeling much better in terms of energy levels and vitality.

1. Avoid processed foods

Junk food tends to be filled with fat and toxins. Processed foods often contain artificial flavouring and additives. Unfortunately this, and the combination of fats and carbs in one product (such as doughnuts, ice cream, crisps and pastries) are a recipe for weight gain. Overeating processed foods leads to accumulation of excess fat and toxins, and the formation of cellulite. Try to avoid an excess of processed foods. 

2. Cut Out Dairy

Because dairy is full of hormones, the extra estrogen your body is taking in can cause cellulite to form on your legs and glutes. By cutting out dairy you can help your body reduce the effects of excessive estrogen and further hormone disruptions. You can try almond or coconut milk in place of dairy milk, but reduce your cheese intake to minimum. To get started try this 7 days dairy detox challenge (with meal plan and shopping list).

3. Get a tan to visibly reduce cellulite

Although getting a tan won’t reduce your cellulite, it does help a lot visually. If you are after a quick fix, making your legs and glutes a bit tan will help you feel more confident, especially if you are expecting to be showing off your legs. It is not a fix to anything, just a temporary measure to help you feel more motivated and happier about your body. The tan tents to make us look a bit slimmer on the pictures too! If you can’t access a sunny beach and are going to do some self-tanning try to look for tanners with organic and natural ingredients. 

4. Accept that most women have cellulite, even those who are very slim.

Although female magazines often portray models with smooth skins, photo editing is very advanced nowadays. A lot of women we see on the covers of the magazines may have cellulite, but it is covered up with a tan or photos are retouched to remove it. Do not put yourself down! Most women have cellulite, but if you want to reduce it, stressing about it will not help! Try a bit of self-care and self-love and don’t allow the negative self-talk stop you!

Try any of those methods to help reduce cellulite, or get some simple tips you can apply right away in this guide: free 12 steps guide to reduce cellulite (it includes additional 8 steps to get rid of cellulite).

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