6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit

Before building new healthy habit answer these questions:  Why are you trying to change something? Make it a big why Is the reason big enough to keep you going? What needs to change around you to support your goal? What is standing in the way? What are the small steps that will add up toContinue reading “6 questions to answer before building a new healthy habit”

Best times to eat for healthy weight loss

Best times to eat and few tips to remember for meal times. Of course everyone is different, and these are just suggestions but this schedule definitely works for improving health and fitness, which are the things I’m all about here.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet’s focus isn’t on your weight, but instead on improving your health, and specifically your heart health. It’s considered one of the healthiest ways of eating, is straightforward to follow, and is pretty flexible. It’s a way people in France, Spain, Greece and Italy eat, when they eat healthy. The Mediterranean diet isContinue reading “What is the Mediterranean Diet?”

4 gentle ways to detox the body naturally

Here are gentler and safer ways to detox your body naturally that you can try out or incorporate as part of your routine. No time to read? Skip to the bottom to watch a short video. 1. Change in diet. Switching to healthier options instead of packaged and fast foods that are high in fatsContinue reading “4 gentle ways to detox the body naturally”

3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism

While working out on its own hardly ever results in extensive weight reduction, there are several exercises which can speed up your metabolism and your weight reduction. By including one of these metabolism-boosting workouts into your routine, you may burn extra energy throughout the day, long after the workout so that you can shed poundsContinue reading “3 types of workouts to speed up your metabolism”

3 healthy habits that changed my life

It’s been a journey that I’m still stunned by! I love leading a healthy lifestyle as it gives me the energy and mental power I need to be able to go after my dreams. 3 healthy habits that changed my life: Drinking more water Regular exercise Meditation & yoga practice You can start leading aContinue reading “3 healthy habits that changed my life”

3 fitness myths you need to be aware of

From short tips series, today are 3 fitness myths you need to be aware of Read below or watch this short video: >> Find another one of the posts from short series here: How gut bacteria affects your weight Exercise is the best way to lose weight Truth: If you want to lose weight, youContinue reading “3 fitness myths you need to be aware of”