How gut bacteria affects your weight

How gut bacteria affects your weight: Gut bacteria change how much energy you get from your food. Some people “waste” a lot of calories from their food because they have gut bacteria that are really inefficient It affects inflammation. Inflammation drives fat accumulation. Gut bacteria affects feelings of hunger and fullness It also affects insulinContinue reading “How gut bacteria affects your weight”

24 health benefits of walking (list) – how daily walks will improve your life

Walking is one of the easiest types of exercise. You don’t need equipment, sports clothing or a gym membership, just a comfy pair of shoes. It’s easy on joints and heart and great for your mind too. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling refreshed… …energised and happy to be alive. That’s what establishingContinue reading “24 health benefits of walking (list) – how daily walks will improve your life”

How daily walks can boost your mood

Walking might be the simplest, low-impact form of valuable aerobic exercise and daily walks can boost your mood. Not only is it easy and free to take a walk, but there are many serious health benefits to walking daily. We all know that walking is good for our physical health, but did you know thatContinue reading “How daily walks can boost your mood”

Self-care vs. Self-comfort and some feel good tips

Self-care is a strategy to help you deal with stress proactively. It is caring for your whole self – physical, mental, and emotional – and ultimately moves you closer to your goals. Self-comfort is more about easing discomfort than about moving towards your goals – and will likely keep you right where you are. IfContinue reading “Self-care vs. Self-comfort and some feel good tips”

Back to school: keeping kids snacks healthy

Whether your kids have gone back to school this fall or are taking virtual classes at home, one thing that won’t change is their endless need for snacks. So how do you get your children to eat healthy snacks? Studies show that children need to be offered a new food anywhere from 10 to 15Continue reading “Back to school: keeping kids snacks healthy”

How to reduce stress and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals

How you cope with stress can affect your fitness and nutrition goals. While de-stressing is generally beneficial to your physical and mental health, relying too much on anything external to cope with it is ultimately not beneficial. The external things like watching TV instead of exercising or binge eating fast food, can cause a releaseContinue reading “How to reduce stress and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals”

Natural products to improve immunity and protect against infections

Here are some simple, natural ways that you can prepare yourself at home to protect your body against diseases and infections. Citrus fruits Citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, limes or lemons are rich in vitamin C. Of course, you know it! But do you eat enough of them, especially in winter? Adding these fruitsContinue reading “Natural products to improve immunity and protect against infections”

How to protect yourself from negative energy or negative people

The world is going through some pretty rough time right now, and I’m hearing from a lot of people how negative energy is starting to get to them. More and more people are feeling anxious about what’s going on. You need to remember that there are ways you can control that negativity and get yourContinue reading “How to protect yourself from negative energy or negative people”