How to protect yourself from negative energy or negative people

The world is going through some pretty rough time right now, and I’m hearing from a lot of people how negative energy is starting to get to them. More and more people are feeling anxious about what’s going on.

You need to remember that there are ways you can control that negativity and get your mind back on track.

Step 1: recognize what is making you feel negative. Is the news? The negative person who is calling you every five minutes? Your co-workers telling you about being down? Recognizing what makes us feel the way we do is the first step. Current situation is an obvious reason to feel negative, but ask yourself this: what adds to your stress, anxiety and what or who brings you down?

Step 2: remove that trigger or reduce it. For example, if watching news all day has been draining your energy or making you feel negative, reduce your exposure to news to 10 minutes a day. If a relative you have been talking to a lot lately has been bringing you down, talk to them only once every few days. Learn to say no for your own sake.

Step 3: turn off notifications on your phone. Your phone may be notifying you of many things: new text, news update, social media update… all this can be too distracting and in times of stress, distraction adds to the problem. Switch them off, and only view certain apps or look at your phone when you are ready to receive and deal with information.

Step 4: create a positive trigger or habit, which will help you “cleanse” the negative energy. Think of it as a spiritual shower, where the negativity goes down the drain with dirty water, and clean, fresh, and bright energy fills you up instead. And yes, you can go and take a shower, and simply mediate while you are in it. Or go for walk where you take several breathes – in with the good energy, out with the bad…

You should protect your energy. It’s your life force, which other people would like to take from you, so they can feel better. Learn to say no to draining people and activities, so that you have more energy to look after yourself, your loved ones and things that are important to you.

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