11 exercises for slim abs – video

Below you will find 11 exercises for slim abs which can be done anywhere without equipment. Remember that to lose belly fat you need to reduce overall body fat levels, otherwise your abs may be there, but won’t show! Enjoy! I’ve recently decided to launch a free fitness accountability group. Lot’s of people aren’t stickingContinue reading “11 exercises for slim abs – video”

How to do a squat – body weight squats technique (video)

How to correctly do a body weight squat. Stand with your feet apart, keep your back neutral, pull your stomach in. Depending on your height, flexibility and weight, you may not be able to squat fully. Go as far as you feel comfortable without rounding your back. Protect your back at all times. Download freeContinue reading “How to do a squat – body weight squats technique (video)”