Healthy Habits Accountability Coaching

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Find the right balance & enjoy more energy

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What does the healthy lifestyle accountability coaching help with:

  • find the right balance between healthy and unhealthy foods
  • learn how to enjoy everything in moderation
  • have more energy so that you don’t feel constantly run down and tired
  • get a little lighter
  • feel better physically and mentally
  • more self-love, acceptance and confident in your own skin
  • stick to a diet or exercise plan, or both

Stick to your diet

avocado salad, Healthy Habits Accountability Coaching

Stay motivated to work out

women working out Healthy Habits Accountability Coaching

get lighter & feel better

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but… this isn’t for everyone

Why this may not be for you:

  • if you are not willing to do the work
  • if you don’t want to share feedback
  • you are not going to check in with me daily
  • if you are too late to book (there are only 10 spaces available)

You know what you need to do…but need the extra push to do it?

Let’s keep you motivated for 4 weeks of this healthy habits accountability coaching! I guarantee to push you and help you move closer to achieving your fitness goals!

Or keep reading below to find out how I can help you…

Look… I know what it feels like… You get started, you are fully motivated, and you complete few workouts. It feels awesome… And then something happens and you lose momentum. If you’re frustrated with starting over and over again and not having support, take just a few moments to read this important message to find out how you can break out of this cycle.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • started a workout plan or a meal plan and just didn’t stick with it
  • felt like other people are not being supportive
  • were inconsistent with healthy food choices
  • allowed a small hiccups to become larger than they need to be
  • lacked motivation and willpower?

There’s no need to struggle any more.

I’ll show you how to your healthy habits, stick to your workouts and meal plans so that you can be consistent and a lead healthier lifestyle. Even if you failed to stick with it before, in 28 days I’ll show you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Stick to healthy habits that last a lifetime! Sign up below

What you get:

Evaluation of your current situation (£120.00), Monday to Saturday one on one support & accountability (value £1680.00), progress review via live chat at the end of 4 weeks (value £120.00) & (optional) recipes, lists, tips and templates!

No one else offers this type of coaching!

What will happen if you don’t take action:

  • you won’t learn how to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • you may not stick to your diet or exercise plan and carry on gaining weight
  • your body won’t change if you already can’t follow a plan
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Hi I’m Monika, your coach
Hi I’m Monika, your coach

I’m a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and a Life Coach, who used to be overweight. I know what it feels like when you can’t stick to a diet or exercise plan. It’s not about willpower, it’s about habits. If you want to know how to stay consistent, sign up today so that I can help you stick to habits to create lasting changes for a healthier lifestyle.

4 weeks healthy habits accountability coaching

  • get professional support 
  • stick with your workouts and meal plans like a professional
  • stay consistent and enjoy healthy foods
  • find balance
  • build habits that last for lifetime

Regular check ins

In addition, you’ll be checking in with me several times a day to keep you on track and consistent so that you can create long-lasting, healthy habits.

One on 60 minutes live chat

In this coaching service you’ll receive a live chat with me at the end of a month to evaluate how well you did and the areas which may need improvement, to help you stick with it in the future.

£390.00 NOW £290.00

Now, if that sounds good to you, let’s get started. In just a few moments, you’ll have instant access to information and coaching to help you stay consistent and take your lifestyle to the next level.

Mon-Sat one on one check ins & support, 60 minutes live chat to evaluate progress and recipes, lists and templates worth £1920.00