Overcome Emotional Overeating in 4 Easy Steps

Do you feel like you have a never-ending battle with the scale? Tired of constant weight gain?  It could be that the cause of your weight gain is emotional overeating.  What is emotional overeating?  Emotional eating is a complex subject, but there are key elements that are easy to spot. Emotional overeating is a disorderedContinue reading “Overcome Emotional Overeating in 4 Easy Steps”

How to easily cut down on sugar

Forget low-fat foods. Many low fat foods contain more sugar than their full-fat counterparts. Check the sugar in your sources. One single tablespoon of ketchup can contain around 5 grams of sugar.  Try replacing sugary snacks with fresh fruit.  Be careful with “healthy” snacks. There are plenty of “natural” and healthy granola and protein barsContinue reading “How to easily cut down on sugar”