52 Healthy High Protein Recipes

Wanna eat delicious and healthy food?

52 High Protein Recipes for tasty meals which fuel your workouts

Pay close attention if you’re interested in:

  • feeling healthy so that you can have more energy to enjoy life,
  • weighing less so that your clothes fit better,
  • leading a healthy life and being a good example to your children.

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breakfast pancakes blueberries


grilled chicken pineapple salad


sweet and sour pork dinner

Get the recipes today if you want to have a much healthier lifestyle and enhance the quality of your life

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  •  craving foods that are bad for you
  • boredom and wanting to eat normal delicious foods
  • making poor choices when eating?

There’s no need to struggle anymore.

These healthy high protein recipes can help you get started in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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What you get:

52 healthy high protein recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy treats and smoothies. Every recipe includes images of the final meal, myfitnesspal bar code to easily log, the prep time, cook time, calories per meal, fats, carbs, protein and fibre.

Each recipe is marked with either of the following: Gluten free, Dairy free, Meal prep/freezer friendly, High protein, Vegetarian, Quick and if it contains nuts

What will happen if you don’t take action:

  • you won’t learn how to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • you may not stick to your diet or exercise plan and carry on gaining weight
  • your body won’t change if you already can’t follow a healthy diet, if it was boring
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