3 fitness myths you need to be aware of

3 fitness myths you need to be aware off - monikaannafit.com.png

From short tips series, today are 3 fitness myths you need to be aware of

Read below or watch this short video:

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Exercise is the best way to lose weight

Truth: If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t think you can “exercise” off what you’ve eaten. Weight loss almost always starts with a major change in eating habits.

Crunches are the best way to gain six pack abs

Truth: Crunches only target the abdominal muscles. Unlike crunches, planks can recruit multiple muscle groups on the sides, front, and back. If you want a strong core, especially the one that defines your abs, you need to engage all of these muscles and lose fat.

It takes at least two weeks to get out of shape

Truth: For most people it takes 7 days. Use it or lose it.

What frustrates you the most about living healthy?

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