How to lead healthier lifestyle | 5 tips (video)

Today I would like to share with you five tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle. I used to live very unhealthy lifestyle, and now I’m completely different person. And here I show you my passion for living healthier and happier. And now let’s get through those tips on how to live a bit healthier lifestyle.

Tip number one: don’t start everything all at once.

Take small steps. Change your diet step by step. Do a healthy breakfast for a week and see how it goes. Don’t change everything all at once. It’s a major mistake that you can make. It will save you lots of time. You’ll also create a long lasting, healthy changes. Something that you will stick to and enjoy.

Tip number two: educate yourself in what healthy eating is.

What is healthy food and what isn’t a healthy food. Learning these things will help you understand what choices to make when you’re in the shop next time, when you’re buying food for you or your family. Read the labels. Find out what the ingredients mean. What do they do to your body? Find out what else your body needs, like drinking more water, like eating more vegetables, and read and learn about how you can add more vegetables and drink more water in a day. It’s like self-education. Learning these things can take weeks and months, but it’s very important. You put food into your body, and it will either heal you or make you worse. It’s worth spending time on educating yourself on these things.

Tip number three: start exercising slowly.

Don’t go all in with one to two hours of exercise daily and then feeling tired, exhausted, overwhelmed with all the exercise and the feelings that your body is producing. Start slow, do five to ten minute workout at home three times a week and do that for a month, two months, three months until you establish a very healthy habit and until you feel good about it. You want working out to be associated with feeling good, not with feeling over trained and exhausted all the time. And the way to do that is by starting slow. So five to 10 minute workouts at home three times a week and then after a month, two months, or when you feel ready increase that to 20 minutes and then half an hour, and then maybe you will consider going to the gym or buying dumbbells that you can use at home. But don’t do everything all at once. It’s frustrating to see people who do that and then they fail and say working out isn’t for them. But in reality, if they change things a little bit, they will actually enjoy exercises and it will become part of their daily habits. And the way to do it is to start slow.

I’ve got some home workouts for you if you want. Here is the link:

Tip number four: think positive.

Negative thinking unfortunately destroys our health. It can add a lot of stress to your life. A lot of worry, unnecessary worry. Start thinking positive about yourself, about your body, and especially about eating healthy and exercising. The way you do that, is you simply start thinking about healthy foods and exercise as something that helps you. That contributes to your life in a positive way. Instead of thinking of it as exhausting or that it takes a lot of time, think about it as an investment to your own health, to a better life, to longer life, to better quality life.

Regardless of the shape you’re in, think positive about yourself, because when you do all, you will become your friend and you will look after yourself way more. It’s hard to look after someone we don’t like, so start liking yourself a bit more. Stop criticizing your body and the way you look and start looking after yourself. And that way you will look and feel better.

Tip number five: sleep better.

The simple things you can do is stop looking at screens an hour before bed. Use that time to prepare for the next day. Make your bedroom dark and definitely don’t go to bed stressed out.

I hope you’ll find these tips helpful. If you want more tips about changing your lifestyle to live healthier, leaner and happier click here.

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